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"Very highly recommended! 5 stars!, action filled...fascinating characters...vibrant dialogue...a gripping novel!" ~ Molly Martin, Wordweaving Reviews

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"Early 20th century Mexico offers a unique setting... Those looking for a rich historical novel will find it here..." ~ Gina Bernal, Romantic Times

The Caballeros of Ruby, Texas

Fire Lilies

Winner, Best Romance, Independent eBook Awards;
Finalist, Best Historical Novel, EPIC eBook Awards

An unforgettable story of the Mexican Revolution of 1910

Two sisters, their family torn by political turmoil and divided loyalties, struggle to survive the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Dolores, married to a cruel man she despises, falls in love with a vaquero who works on her husband's hacienda. Alicia, the younger headstrong, spirited sister, resists an arranged marriage after she meets the love of her life, a political compatriot of her rebel brother. Join these two sisters as the discover the fiercest battles are fought on the landscape of the heart.